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Rapide shoepolish 1 liter Rapide shoepolish 1 liter
Our choice Various colors
Brand: Rapide
Leather grease from Rapide in a 1 liter can.Perfect for the care and maintenance of all leather goods.Leather grease keeps the leather supple and water repellent. Leather grease of Rapide is well absorbed and preserves the leather excellently.Applications for Rapide leather grease include;FurnitureB..
EUR 18.30
Ex Tax:EUR 15.12
Rapide leather fat small Rapide leather fat small
Our choice Various colors -7 %
Brand: Rapide
Rapide leather grease small Leather grease content: 150 ml...
EUR 6.80 EUR 7.34
Ex Tax:EUR 5.62
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