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Military backpacks

Military backpacks

Buy army backpack? Military backpacks are excellent for outdoor, bushcraft and survival. With enough capacity to carry all important materials and equipment. In black and in the typical camouflage colors, of course from the various A-brands. In the highest quality and to rely completely on, when the situation calls for it the most.

Discover the different military and camouflage backpacks. Good quality and yet available at a very competitive price. From brands such as Fosco Industries and FOSTEX Garments, with which you can count on the highest quality. From 0 to 20 liters for a day of hiking in nature. To travel backpacks for long trips, with a capacity of up to 70 liters to carry everything.

A-brands military backpacks

You can choose from all A-brand military backpacks, so you can rely on the highest quality. Suitable for going into nature and experiencing complete freedom there. For example, with an army backpack from 101-INC and Fosco Industries. Or are you looking for the camouflage backpacks from FOSTEX Garments, Mil-Tec and, for example, Stealth or Task Force 2215? These are the brand names you know of of the highest quality, with which you have the ability to go deep into nature.

Moreover, of course, you have the choice of typical colors, which are excellent for outdoor experiences. For bushcraft and survival, in which you have the ability to store all the important materials, tools and equipment. In black and in green, as in Olive Drab and, for example, Sage Green. And in combinations of the different colors, with which you can be sure that you will completely blend in with the nature around you.

Many of the military backpacks are available in multiple colors. From Desert and camouflage colors to the green, black and other shades that you can perfectly combine with each other. To complement the rest of your outfit, with which you will be all set to go out.

Camouflage backpack: all kinds

Looking for a specific camouflage backpack? Equipped with many pockets and with a thoughtful organizer, as well as a membrane for a hydration hose. With lots of comfort and for the greatest convenience, to get to everything quickly.

You have a choice of backpacks, for example, for a part of the day, with a capacity of up to 20 liters. And are you heading out for the day? Then there are military bags available with a capacity of 20 to 35 liters, while those from 35 to 50 liters are suitable for a night, two days or an entire weekend.

Going on a longer trip and looking for an army backpack for that? Thanks to contents from 50 to 80 liters or the models with 70+ liters of capacity, you can be sure that you can take everything with you even for a longer trip. To fully rely on your equipment, with which you can be sure that you can face the greatest challenges in nature.

Tip: the largest army backpacks even offer up to 120 liters of capacity. So you can carry everything you can think of. And with a rigid frame, to still be able to carry the bag with you in a good way. In typical camouflage colors, to blend into the environment and move about almost invisibly.

Buy an army backpack

Want to buy an army backpack or looking for a military backpack? Discover models in a variety of camouflage colors that will allow you to blend in with the rest of nature. Check out the tactical and assault versions with a MOLLE interface for cartridge pouches, as well as the various other models available. Especially suited for easy maneuvering or with more space and content to properly store anything you might need on the go.

Questions about military backpacks, an army backpack or the rest of our range? Give us a call at 050 211 0916 or use our online contact form, we look forward to hearing from you.