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Military Clothes & Footwear

Military Clothes & Footwear

Buy military clothing? Discover our wide range of military clothing. With camouflage clothing and the typical dark colors, with which you can match the whole outfit. With security clothing and shoes, as well as the pants, spits or jackets and coats that you need with them. So that you can experience the full freedom of nature during survival and bushcraft. Or to carry out your work professionally, because you can rely on army clothing of the highest quality.

With brands such as FOSTEX Garments, Mil-Tec, Bata and, for example, HAIX, you can be sure it won't be a problem there. For coats and jackets, rain suits and, for example, the shoes and shirts you need. Or for a complete overall and of course the important accessories. Which you can easily store in the pockets of the clothing or in your army backpack. To make your equipment complete, so you can go out into nature with confidence. For part of a day or a day, a weekend or even a longer trip. For which you can buy online all the camouflage clothing you need to do so.

Military clothing: pants, suits and jackets

Buying military clothing and wondering what's available? We list some of the important categories for you:

Army pants

Looking for military long and short pants? In typical green and in black, as well as with the important camouflage colors. To blend completely into the environment, with which you are sure to go unnoticed and you can experience the full freedom of nature.

Ghillie suits

Want to go even more unnoticed in nature? Turn into a part of that outdoors, with the complete Ghillie Suits you can order for that purpose. In green and in Desert, as well as a number of other colors. Of course in the size you're looking for, to be even somewhat comfortable using that.

Coats and jackets

No complete outfit without an army jacket or a suitable jacket. With the important pockets and to protect you well from the various influences of the weather. Explore the summer coats and winter jackets, as well as the parkas and, for example, the M-65 models available.

From underwear to footwear and rain suit

Also looking for underwear and footwear, for example, as well as a good rain suit? Important parts of the army clothing, which of course you can buy online. In the high quality that you know from us, so that you can fully rely on them even in nature and in other challenging conditions.

We'll show you what's available, including sweaters, vests, body warmers and otherwise rompers for the little ones. Or with a complete aircraft coverall, because we are your specialist in all things army clothing. In camouflage colors and in green or in black. With as many pockets as possible and to complement the army boots you wear or other shoes you use for that. When you go out in nature. For bushcraft and for survival, as well as other (outdoor) activities where you are looking for clothing like the army would wear as well.

Tip: Want to buy ex-military clothing? Within the army dump choose ex-defense clothing. Used by the military, just like the other second-hand materials available.

Buy army clothing

Buy army clothing? Online you have a wide selection to choose from. With everything you need for bushcraft and survival, or to go into nature for any other reason. During day trips or for a weekend, just like when you are going on a longer trip. To rely completely on correct equipment and all the materials you have with you, because at least it won't fail there.

Questions about army and military clothing or the rest of our range? Give us a call at 050 211 0916 or use our online contact form, we look forward to hearing from you.