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Carinthia Defence 4

Carinthia Defence 4
€ 239.90
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  • Model: Defence 4
  • Weight: 1,850.00g
  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 25.00cm x 30.00cm

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Defense 4

This high-performance winter sleeping bag is designed to uncompromisingly retain heat in arctic conditions. It has a three-layer sandwich construction with a loose-fitting Shellproof shell that ensures optimal warmth. It has a generous interior zipper closure to prevent heat loss. In addition, it has a protective flap on the outside to keep out wind and wetness.


mummy shape

Differential cut

3-layer construction with loose outer shell

Neck shot

Quick Release 2-way center zipper

Zipper bulkhead

Zipper Flap

Anti store hook ribbon

Heat reflection insert

Trapezoidal foot section

Compression pocket included

Material and specifications

Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% polyester

Outer fabric: 100% polyamide

Inner lining: 100% polyamide

Outer dimensions (cm): 230/87/60

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