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Bata M90 M400 Original Dutch Combat Boots

Bata M90 M400 Original Dutch Combat Boots
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Buy Bata M90 M400 Original Army boots? The former original army boots of the Dutch army, produced by Bata Industrials. Low maintenance army boots, thanks to the water-repellent exterior. With moisture-absorbing interior, to keep your feet as dry and warm as possible.

Tip: Buy M90 M400 Original Army boots? Ideal for security personnel, outdoor and airsoft.

A popular choice within our military clothing and footwear, also used by the military. Of course available in your size, which you easily order online.

Bata army boots: in your size

Available in sizes 220 through 315, similar to European sizes 35 through 49. As well as in half sizes, so the Bata army boots fit perfectly around your feet. Available in sizes 41, 42 and 43, as well as for children in the smaller sizes available.

Be sureto order the original sizes, where we'll tell you which European sizes go with them.

The Bata M90 M400 Original Army boots require little maintenance and work well absorbing moisture. The exterior is water-repellent for up to 2 hours and has a restorative ability for up to 12 months. Ideal for industrial applications and outdoor activities in the most extreme terrain.

With a smooth finished outer layer, while the under layer ensures strength. A hard-wearing and durable pair of original army boots, neatly conforming to the EN ISO 20345 S2 standard for inner lining.

Please note that the Bata army boots do not have steel toe caps and sole.

Buy Bata M90 M400 Original Army Coffins

Want to buy Bata M90 M400 Original Army boots? Unisex, meaning both women and men. Within security clothing and footwear, which you can easily buy online. Often from stock and standard with free shipping from €50, so you don't have to incur any additional costs.

Questions about the Bata M90 M400 Original Army Footwear or the rest of our range? Give us a call or use our online contact form, we look forward to hearing from you.

Outdoor & Military is an official dealer of original Bata M90 M400 original army boots

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Brand Bata
Product Original Dutch combat boots M90 M400
Color Black

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