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Km Insoles M400/m90, M92, M11, Ma-1 Desert Beta Fit

Km Insoles M400/m90, M92, M11, Ma-1 Desert Beta Fit
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KM insoles M400/M90/M92 desert Beta Fit Material: 3 layers of saran

''Instead of a midsole, the Army issued a Saran-mesh insole with the military boot that provided cushioning and helped prevent the soldier's foot from sitting directly on the footbed to keep feet dry and increase ventilation. This is absolutely crucial in military footwear.''

Good insoles, moisture and temperature regulating, shock absorbing, hygienic, comfortable and universally applicable.

Our insoles consist of three layers of special Saran fabric that ensure that a pliable and temperature-regulating air cushion is created under the foot. This also provides insulation/ventilation for cold, moisture and heat.

Application: Wear in M400 / M90, M11, M92, MA-1 - Boots available through Outdoor & Military at Gieten.

Continuity of the insole and inner leather is many times better guaranteed with the Beta Fit Saran insoles than with well-known sweat and moisture inducing insoles of well-known brands such as Haix/Magnum/Hanwag!

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