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Outdoor & Military

Outdoor & Military is your online address for everything in the field of outdoor and military clothing and equipment. For outdoor and survival, just like with the army dump with ex-defense clothing and equipment.

Experience complete freedom of nature, relying completely on the clothing, equipment and other materials and extras you order online. Thanks to the best clothing and high-quality footwear. And with an army backpack in which you can comfortably carry everything you need with you.

Order the best outdoor and survival products from Outdoor & Military, which we usually have in stock for you. For a competitive price and standard quickly at home, so that you can go into nature with it. For a part of a day, a day trip, a weekend or even a longer trip. Without you still going to be short of anything and with the ability to move almost invisibly.

Outdoor, survival and army dump

We are your specialist for outdoor, survival and with an extensive army dump. With the ex-military clothing and materials, for used items of the highest quality. Which are suitable for the most extreme conditions, so as not to be put off in any way.

And for bushcraft and survival, to explore the outdoor world and take the adventure there. By resisting the weather and the elements, while making sure you survive. With perseverance and willpower, while the army clothing and important materials help you take the right steps.

Tip: wild camping or an adventurous trip? We ensure that you have everything you need to take up the challenge. And that you wear clothing that is perfectly suitable for this, for example by keeping you warm and dry in a comfortable way.

Clothing, footwear and backpacks

Curious about the different categories of army clothing? At Outdoor & Military we are your specialist for:

            ▪ Clothing

The most important clothing to get into nature? Think of the military long and shorts, as well as the high-quality jackets. With handy pockets and of the best materials, to protect you against the different influences of the weather and the elements.

            ▪ Shoes

A sturdy pair of shoes should of course not be missing in your equipment. With a good pair of army boxes or other shoes. Equipped with anti-slip and a sturdy rubber sole, or with other properties that keep your feet nice and warm inside when you go out into nature.

            ▪ Backpacks

Do you want to be able to take as much as possible or pack light? Discover army backpacks with a capacity of 0 to 20 or, for example, 35 to 50 liters. Or go for the 70+ liter capacity, with which you can also make long journeys. And you have everything you will need along the way, so you never have to go wrong.

At Outdoor & Military we combine an extensive range of new items, suitable for outdoor and survival. For bushcraft and other adventures that ensure you are prepared for anything. Or with the army dump, which allows you to use the best that ex-defense has to offer. With materials of the highest quality, so that it will certainly not depend on that.

Outdoor & Military: buy online

Buy everything online in the field of Outdoor & Military? We simply have most products in stock for you, so that we can immediately prepare your order. And you can quickly get started with the products, to get ready for the next adventure in nature.

Questions about army and military clothing or the rest of our range? Call us on phone number 050 211 0916 or use our online contact form, we look forward to hearing from you.

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